The SOPA is an act to try and stop online piracy and is going to cause the internet companies to regulate the use and amout of downloadable content.  The purpose is to stop the bad uses of downloading from the internet, but who is to say what is actually bad.  I feel like this is going to casue more problems and is going to cause alot more troubles than good.  Yeah its a good idea to make sure that people download movies and song files legally, and they should come up with a better way to just do that.  Many people see it as a way that the government is going to kill the internet and i agree with that.


Photo Montage Artists

This art was made by Raoul Hausmann, who claims to have invented photomantage.  But he is also big in other aspects of the artistic world.  The interesting part of his works is that it looks rugged and antiqued in a way, which seem to be an occuring trend in most of his works.  The use of color and layering is very important in most of his projects.  There are usually Figures, or people in his works which is interesting to me because it seems like he likes to stick to the same molds throughout his work, even though they all look completly different.

Digital Artists

I like the above work of Jamie Jasso, with the city landscapes, and the cigarette  figures are really interesting.  The simplicity of the cigarette and the form of the ashes caught my eye when i searched for new digital artist.

The next artist i found and have related to is Benjamin Starr, who does Digital portraits and has a nice choices of color that was extremely interesting to me at first. The website is

The artist that i can relate to and always think back to is Julie Mehretu, she has a great concept of layering and transperency that i can enjoy looking at.