The project idea for this peice is that our technology now a days is controling our lives.  For some reasons technology is great, and helps us evolve and become better as a society.  But other reasons technology can be our downfall, and many people dont take advantage of the world and knowledge all around us.  The controling of your technology is a good way to relearn how to interact with people, manners and overall humanity is kind of lost through technology.  A lot of technology now makes it easy to do everything, from communicating to learning new things.  It takes over for learning things for yourself, and opening a book to learn or read something new and fascinating.  The troubles with texting and driving is a big reason to not let your technology control you. It’s a dumb reason to get hurt or die from something as small as texting while driving.  You have to take control of your technology and use it to better yourself.


Choosing a Typeface

When reading this article i realized there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you choose a font.  From everything to legibility to knowing the asethetics to make your point more obvious.  Knowing how to use the font type is a really key point to our second assignment. It was helpful to know that the font is a big important part of getting all that you need to say across to the viewer.  The final important step means a lot to me, because it says to make it your own, and take the font in your own direction.  Being original and changing the way you use the typeface is really important.

Danny Abekasis

Danny Abekasis gave a lecture on the changes and challenges of photography in Israel from the early 1900’s and on.  The photography was first focused on landscapes and workers.  The focus changed from that to soldiers and wars.  Many of the photos were like other photos seen around the world.  Like the posters that were similar to Russias propaganda posters and some of the war shots similar to americas war shots.  I enjoyed the lecture and learned alot about Israels history, and their history of photography.