The project idea for this peice is that our technology now a days is controling our lives.  For some reasons technology is great, and helps us evolve and become better as a society.  But other reasons technology can be our downfall, and many people dont take advantage of the world and knowledge all around us.  The controling of your technology is a good way to relearn how to interact with people, manners and overall humanity is kind of lost through technology.  A lot of technology now makes it easy to do everything, from communicating to learning new things.  It takes over for learning things for yourself, and opening a book to learn or read something new and fascinating.  The troubles with texting and driving is a big reason to not let your technology control you. It’s a dumb reason to get hurt or die from something as small as texting while driving.  You have to take control of your technology and use it to better yourself.


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