Suggestions for my Interactive website

It was brought to my attention that it would be great for my project to be more interactive, and to make each gif image clickable and able to play with the individual pictures.  I was also thinking about adding sound and video, but I feel like maybe it would take away from what the Photo Album feels like.  I don’t want to change what the comfortable feeling we get from flipping through a photo album is completely by adding videos and sounds that have nothing to do with the photos themselves.



Psychogeography is very interesting in its nature to lead you around a city and geography of a place.  I think its interesting to think about it as in what we’re doing in this class.  Trying to figure out a creative way to use something you are in everyday is very interesting for me to think about.  You use something everyday, like the internet, or walk around a city that you live in, and you have to find different ways to utilize the space you have in front of you. If you get a new way of looking at something then you think about it differently.

Suggestions for updating my website

Here are a few suggestions that the class made that i will definitely be changing with my new website.  I will most likely be organizing my gallery images  by size and content, and labeling them by types of works.  I will also be adding more content to my gallery.  I will also think about changing the size of my navigation bar to fit the size of my images more uniformly.  Some people had a problem with the color of the Navigation bar and the text, the colors were too close, so I will make the text darker so its easier to look at and read.  I will also put a bottom Navigation of some kind on my gallery since it will be so long to scroll up to the top.  Also, its a good idea to change my bullet points on my list items, and the top margin spacing on my home image and the first image in my gallery.  The last thing I will change will be the text style, to add more unique flare to my site.