Review of an interactive work
The Art of Pho by Julian Hanshaw is a moving and surreal story about a creature named Little Blue and his relationship with Ho Chi Minh City, better known as Saigon. In Vietnam’s bustling capital Little Blue learns to master the art of making Pho – Vietnam’s ubiquitous national noodle dish. So throughout this work you interact with with the story as it happens.  It is an extremely new way for me to read a comic, or a story and it really gets you right into the story.  I feel like this all works well as a collective piece because as a website it is very inviting for me and easy to navigate the whole time.  Although at times it seems to kind of drag on, and maybe the interactivity is kind of pointless to the story as a whole, I still think this work can hold its own.  I want to have more control of the story, I guess is how i feel, and I want to have more of a deciding role in what happens in the story, but that would be difficult to write the comic and have it go in so many directions. The Art of Pho for the web. The interactive graphic novel adds the dimensions of sound, music, animation and interactivity to Hanshaw’s exquisitely drawn artwork and features 8 episodes.

I like this work and want to try to incorporate some of the techniques into my work. The drawn feeling and look of this work really speaks to me in a sense of a journal of some type.  i could build off this inspiration and try to find a way for viewers to interact with a piece that I make someday.  Possibly having a comic become interactive as much as this, or even going a different and having a whole group of works that talk to each other.  That is essentially what this site is about connecting the art of literature and art, along with programming in order to get a point across. Its cool to see that this piece is a collaboration between two artist, one who animates and one who draws the characters.  Its nice to see collaborations for some reason, and this one works out well.

The story follows the character Little Blue and you get the sense of helping him learn how to make this noodle dish.  He travels around and interacts with the world around him.  It seems like such a simple idea, but it is quite elegantly done.  This piece could have gone in so many different directions, but it goes in one great one.  The audio actually pulls it all together i feel, its one big combo of movie game, and comic book.


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